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Collaboration Havenkwartier Rijswijk

08 March 2022

On March 7th, Stefan Fieten (BPS Real Estate) and Nanne Veenstra (reBirth Development) have signed a collaboration agreement to jointly realize a new building complex at Havenkwartier in Rijswijk. By taking the initiatives of both developers together, added value is created with regard to overall quality of the program.

In the near future, an apartment complex with approximately 130 apartments, commercial space and a parking facility will be built on the site of the former industrial site on Nijverheidsstraat. Due to its location next to the water, we’re looking for interpretations that match the character of the former harbor, including catering with terraces and recreation on the water.

On the side of Nijverheidsstraat, a connection is sought with the small-scale business spaces of Harbor Village. This side is intended for creative enterprises.

The next step is to sign a letter of intent with the Municipality of Rijswijk later this month.

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